Free Sleep StudyBeenleigh Sleep Clinic can diagnose your sleep disorder in the comfort and security of your own home using the latest ambulatory sleep study equipment.

The benefits of at home sleep monitoring versus in lab monitoring are vast, with the integrity of the results reflecting more accurately your usual sleep behavior as you are in your own bed, environment, and your normal bed time routine is not disrupted by an overnight stay in a lab or hospital.

Your sleep study will then be assessed by Dr John Feenstra from Wesley Pulmonary & Sleep Services, located at the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane.

Beenleigh Sleep Clinic will use the latest ambulatory sleep monitoring equipment, which offers more complex data than most portable home sleep study devices . The monitoring device then worn overnight and records ECG, EEG, EOG, EMG, respiratory effort, airflow, Leg movements, O2 and Pulse and body positioning.

You will be required to attend the clinic in the evening for your setup, and then you will remove the device carefully when you wake up the next morning and pop it all in a case provided for its return the following day.

This study is a Medicare Level 2 accredited diagnostic device and is fully bulk billed.

You will require a referral from you GP before we can do your sleep study and an evening appointment so we can “wire” you up.

On the night of your study you will need:DOWNLOAD-REFERRAL-FORM

  • Your signed referral from you GP ( this can be arranged on your behalf ) or Click Here  to download referral.
  • To be clean and ready for bed – if you wear Pajamas, you will need to bring them to your appointment
  • Underwear
  • Drivers Licence or credit card ( to be held overnight as a deposit )

Home Sleep Studies, compared to a sleep laboratory tests for complex sleep disorders such as insomnia, narcolepsy, or parasomnias,  may not be recommended, and we would then arrange a lab study on your behalf.

Results usually take approx. 10 working days to be returned, and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss your results. We will also notify your referring GP of your results, and liaise with them to make the appropriate decisions regarding your diagnosis and sleep  therapy.



NB:  it may be recommended for pensioners to see a sleep lab for their sleep study as having a portable sleep study may affect your eligibility for the QLD Sleep Disorder Program. Talk to us today about this program or click here for more information on this QLD health initiative.

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