Wenatex Premium Bed Base with Flexi-Support



The Wenaflex® V Bed Base guarantees a particularly high level of flexibility with 60 three-dimensional, fully flexible spring elements and a total of 240 support points. Each section of the body needs point for point flexible support – and that is exactly what differentiates the Wenatex bed base from the conventional slatted frame. Each spring element and each of the four supporting sections yields individually and independently. The spring elements are divided into three different degrees of hardness: golden and silver contact pads for pinpoint support of the body, as well as additional red elements, which provide special support for the lordosis section.

The Various Zones of the Wenaflex Bed Base

The five comfort zones ensure optimum formfitting comfort.

Head section: The contact pads of the head zone ensure ideal relaxing support for the head, neck and nape.

Shoulder comfort zone: Deeper lying golden contact pads provide ideal yielding and formfitting comfort for the shoulder.

Lordosis section: Red additional elements in combination with silver contact pads support the lordosis section and prevent the spinal column from sagging.

Pelvic section: Silver contact pads ensure that the pelvic section receives the appropriate level of support.

Calf and heel section: Silver pads accommodate the contours of the legs and offer perfect support in the area of the heels.

An Overview of Wenaflex Bed Bases

Wenaflex® V S – non-adjustable, the classic model
Wenaflex® V KF – manually adjustable for individual sleeping comfort
Wenaflex® V EL – electrically and continuously adjustable via remote control
The advantages of the Wenaflex® V Bed Base from Wenatex at a glance:

  • point for point support
  • sensitive reaction to every movement during sleep
  • optimal aeration of the mattress
  • perfect supplement to the SilverMed®Deluxe Mattress

The Wenaflex® V Bed Base is available in all conventional standard sizes and can also be ordered in individual sizes.


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