Ortho-Tex Silver-Med


When was the last night you had a good sleep?

How wonderful does it feel to wake up every morning well rested, bursting with energy, ready to take on whatever the day brings? It feels fantastic, doesn’t it? Sorry. What was that you said? “Yeah right!”

Sadly, over 75% of Australians regularly experience less than ideal sleep. Tossing and turning, partner disturbance, snoring, waking during the night – well you know how it works, right? Ever wondered what might be causing these issues?

We did too and set about finding the best solutions. Ortho-tex has a few ideas on how to give you back your 8 hours blissful each night. It’s our mission to educate all willing listeners on how to get your happy lifestyle back because, YOU deserve the best sleep possible.

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The SilverMed® Deluxe orthopaedic sleep system allows Wenatex to strike new, innovative paths with regard to restful and healthy sleep. The latest processing techniques, such as the pebble design SMT cut, which follows the Kneipp concept, the application of soothing medicinal herbs and the unique use of silver ensure the highest level of hygienic, ergonomic sleep comfort.

The ideal form fitting comfort, which adapts perfectly to the anatomy of the human body, the application of the highest grade materials, as well as the particularly long life cycle of the products, guarantee a unique quality of sleep and an overall feeling of well-being – for years to come. SilverMed® Deluxe: This is the name of the new sleeping quality.

Here you will find the most important information on the individual products included in the range of the SilverMed® Deluxe orthopaedic sleep system.




The SilverMed® Deluxe orthopaedic mattress sets new standards in the area of healthy and restful sleep. The creation of the brook pebble design, which ensures perfect formfitting comfort for the body, was inspired by the Kneipp concept of exceptional wellbeing.


The SilverMed® Deluxe Core of the Orthopaedic Mattress.

The irregular open-cell structure of the cold foam core provides a particularly high level of stability, perfect aeration, ergonomically optimised lying characteristics and excellent support point elasticity. Due to a completely new form of surface modification technology, which creates various comfort zones, the orthopaedic mattress core features an incomparable structure. The globally unique brook pebble design of the mattress surface fits the shape of your body perfectly – regardless of your weight or size.

The silver that is incorporated in the mattress core has antibacterial, antimicrobial and hypoallergenic effects.

Advantages of the Orthopaedic Mattress Core at a Glance:

  • cold foam core with incorporated silver
  • optimum aeration
  • optimum ergonomic lying characteristics
  • above-average volumetric weight
  • five comfort zones
  • anatomically correct sinking depth
  • exceptional support point elasticity
  • breathable

The SilverMed® Deluxe Mattress Cover

Nature combined with the latest technology: The SilverMed® Deluxe orthopaedic mattress cover consists of SilverMed® fibre (other fibre), climate regulating hollow fibre (polyester), cotton and Tencel®. Tencel® is breathable, absorbs moisture and provides soft, pleasantly warm and dry lying comfort. The innovative embroidery pattern in brook pebble design divides the cover in various comfort zones and offers a unique level of lying comfort. The all around airwave band in the cover ensures optimum aeration of the mattress core, ideal regulation and a particularly pleasant sleeping climate.

Perfect hygiene and optimum skin compatibility for the orthopaedic mattress

The SilverMed® Deluxe Cover for the orthopaedic mattress is particularly skin compatible. Renowned test institutes, such as TÜV Rheinland Produkt und Umwelt GmbH in Cologne confirm this, for example, with the TOXPROOF certificate. The cover has even been distinguished among the best class of products by the Oeko-Tex® Institute for Ecology, Technology and Innovation. Therefore, the SilverMed mattress is also perfectly suitable for babies and small children. The incorporated silver fibre and the 60° C washability ensure that an optimum level of hygiene is provided, and the all around zip allows a quick and easy removal of the cover.


Advantages of the Mattress Cover at a glance:

  • SilverMed® Faser
  • SilverMed® fibre
  • Tencel®
  • optimum skin compatibility
  • moisture regulation
  • excellent climate regulation and aeration provided by the all around airwave band
  • simple removal thanks to the all around zip
  • washable at 60°C

The SilverMed® Deluxe orthopaedic mattress is available in all conventional standard sizes and can also be ordered in individual sizes.

The Quality Certificates of the Orthopaedic SilverMed® Deluxe Mattress

  • Toxproof Certificate from TÜV-Rheinland Produkt und Umwelt GmbH
  • Quality Certificate and Toxic Substance Certificate from LGA QualiTest GmbH
  • Austria Seal of Quality from Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualität (Austrian Working Group for Promoting Quality)
  • Internationale Oeko-Tex® Association (ÖTI Vienna) – Product Class I (suitable for babies and small children)
  • Holzforschung Austria


The Wenaflex® V Bed Base guarantees a particularly high level of flexibility with 60 three-dimensional, fully flexible spring elements and a total of 240 support points. Each section of the body needs point for point flexible support – and that is exactly what differentiates the Wenatex bed base from the conventional slatted frame. Each spring element and each of the four supporting sections yields individually and independently. The spring elements are divided into three different degrees of hardness: golden and silver contact pads for pinpoint support of the body, as well as additional red elements, which provide special support for the lordosis section.

The Various Zones of the Wenaflex Bed Base

The five comfort zones ensure optimum formfitting comfort.


Head section: The contact pads of the head zone ensure ideal relaxing support for the head, neck and nape.

Shoulder comfort zone: Deeper lying golden contact pads provide ideal yielding and formfitting comfort for the shoulder.

Lordosis section: Red additional elements in combination with silver contact pads support the lordosis section and prevent the spinal column from sagging.

Pelvic section: Silver contact pads ensure that the pelvic section receives the appropriate level of support.

Calf and heel section: Silver pads accommodate the contours of the legs and offer perfect support in the area of the heels.

An Overview of Wenaflex Bed Bases

Wenaflex® V S – non-adjustable, the classic model
Wenaflex® V KF – manually adjustable for individual sleeping comfort
Wenaflex® V EL – electrically and continuously adjustable via remote control

The advantages of the Wenaflex® V Bed Base from Wenatex at a glance:

  • point for point support
  • sensitive reaction to every movement during sleep
  • optimal aeration of the mattress
  • perfect supplement to the SilverMed®Deluxe Mattress

The Wenaflex® V Bed Base is available in all conventional standard sizes and can also be ordered in individual sizes.


The case of the pillow is made of satined cotton (cotton, polyester) with incorporated SilverMed® fibre (other fibre) and also includes a cotton cover with a filling made of especially comfortable and flexible fibre balls (non-toxic polyester). The fibre balls provide perfect lying comfort and keep the pillow flexible and reshapeable. Due to the integrated zip, some of the filling can be removed, so that the SilverMed® Plus Pillow can be adapted to suit your own individual needs and preferences. Thus, the pillow provides ideal and orthopaedically appropriate lying comfort. The incorporated silver and the washability of the pillow ensure perfect hygiene.

The SilverMed® Plus pillow at a glance:

  • pillow cover made of satined cotton with SilverMed® fibre
  • filling: climate regulating hollow fibre balls
  • filling removable
  • entire pillow washable at 60°C


The quality certificates of the SilverMed® Plus Pillow

  • Austria Seal of Quality from Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualität (Austrian Working Group for Promoting Quality)
  • International Oeko-Tex® Association (ÖTI Vienna)


The SilverMed® Deluxe orthopaedic pillow consisting of a SilverMed® Deluxe cover and Deluxe core is ergonomically pre-shaped and has two sides of with different levels of height or thickness – perfect for all those who appreciate particularly stable support.
As with the SilverMed® Deluxe Mattress, silver-zeolite is also incorporated in the cold foam core of the orthopaedic pillow. The soft and cuddly cover made of cotton, climate regulating hollow fibre (polyester), Tencel® and the unique SilverMed® fibre (other fibre) not only ensures a particularly pleasant lying comfort, but also provides a perfect climate regulation.

With its casing of satined cotton (cotton) featuring incorporated SilverMed® fibre (other fibre), our quilt is particularly soothing to the skin. The filling of spiral shaped, climate regulating hollow fibre (non-toxic polyester) is quilted with the casing and ensures an ideal insulation volume and perfect thermal performance, as well as an excellent level of air circulation. The SilverMed® fibre has antibacterial and bacteriostatic effects and thus, complies with the highest hygienic requirements. The SilverMed® Plus Quilts are ideally suited for all seasons, because they feature perfect climate regulating effects. We offer the SilverMed® Plus Quilt in two weights – Summer and Winter.

SilverMed® Plus Quilt at a glance:

  • thermal class *****
  • particularly light, soft and cuddly
  • skin-friendly
  • breathable
  • climate regulating
  • washable in cold or hot water to 60°C

The Quality Certificates for the SilverMed® Plus Quilt

  • Austria Seal of Quality from Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualität (Austrian Working Group for Promoting Quality)
  • International Oeko-Tex® Association (ÖTI Vienna)



The 17 alpine herbs – embedded in a layer consisting of cotton, fine non-woven material and pure new wool fleece (wool, viscose) – incorporated in this special mattress inlay help you to achieve a state of well-being and find peaceful sleep. The alpine herb regeneration insert patented by Wenatex is placed between the core of the mattress and the mattress cover. The cotton casing of the outer material of the inlay provides the necessary protection for daily use. The fine non-woven material ensures that the alpine herb mix remains firmly bound in the insert. The pure new wool fleece provides pleasant warmth and allows the essential herb fragrance to escape. The original Wenatex alpine herb mix is sewn up and quilted immovably within herb chambers, from which they can release their pleasant fragrance night for night.

Together with the orthopaedic SilverMed® Deluxe Mattress, the alpine herb regeneration inlay ensures a particularly relaxing effect and restful sleep.

The characteristics of the alpine herb regeneration insert at a glance:

  • soothing
  • soporific
  • breathable
  • pleasant alpine herb fragrance


The Quality Certificates for the Alpine Herb Regeneration Inlay

  • Austria Seal of Quality from Österreichische Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung der Qualität (Austrian Working Group for Promoting Quality)
  • International Oeko-Tex® Association (ÖTI Vienna)
  • Holzforschung Austria