Welcome to Beenleigh Sleep Clinic

  • Are you tired of being tired?
  • Do you Snore?
  • Do you wake up unrefreshed?
  • Do you suffer a mood disorder?
  • Do you have diabetes?
  • Do you have high blood pressure?
  • Are you overweight?

Yes? Then Beenleigh Sleep Clinic can help YOU !

Beenleigh Sleep Clinic services the Logan and Northern Gold Coast regions and specialise in Bulk Billed Home Sleep Studies as well as offering Sleep Apnea and CPAP/APAP therapy..

We are dedicated in helping you achieve better overall health through better sleep and guarantee that if you achieve the right therapeutic outcomes for your recommended treatment, you will feel years younger (and probably look it too).

From the initial enquiry to the final stages of treatment ( if required ) our main objectives are focused around supporting patients to achieve improved sleep quality and effective sleep therapy to feel well again.

So no matter how hard it is to get you on the road to better sleep and well being, we will support you until you achieve it.

Read more about the services we offer or find out more about us.


Your Sleep disorder in the comfort and security of your own home using the latest ambulatory sleep study equipment.

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If you have been diagnose with Sleep Apnoea we have many treatment options

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Follow-up Consultations and are free to Beenleigh Sleep Clinic Customers

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  • Thank you so much for helping us, we could not have managed this without you, and life is like 4000 times better now we can both sleep!
    Tayla H
  • "Great service - Life changing"
    Benjamin R
  • "I have received excellent service from Beenleigh Sleep Clinic. The staff are are very friendly, helpful, efficient and take time, not rushing the consultations"
    Joyanne W
  • "Excellent service and very friendly"
    Sharon P
  • "Great team, friendly and very helpful"
    Jeannie K
  • "Very good - Takes time to explain my sleeping problems"
    Keith W
  • "Always friends, answers all questions, available most times I arrive (without an appointment)"
    Grant W
  • "Service great, always happy and bubbly on visits. Very helpful with extra advice"
    Rachael K
  • "This machine and treatment is changing my life. I wake refreshed most mornings, have more energy, am NOT falling asleep at work or when sitting and relaxing. Very happy"
    Julie-Ann W
  • "Both Kylie and Casey were super helpful and friendly. I feel confident in starting my therapy tonight with their advice."
    Carrie J
  • "Thank you .. Never realised this was effecting nearly every part of my life .. Onward and upward thanks to you"
    Andrew T
  • "The staff were lovely and accommodating to my terminally ill father. Very helpful, respectful and sensitive to us."
    Samantha S
  • "Thankyou so much Casey and Kylie for making me feel so relaxed and comfortable with what could have been a stressful experience,"
    Ann R

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Beenleigh Sleep Clinic
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Beenleigh, QLD 4207 Australia

Phone: 07 3287 2385
Fax: 07 3014 0175
Email: admin@beenleighsleep.com.au